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Oh Brother: Goverment Surveillance Growing says Google

13 Nov

There is some irony in Google commenting about government surveillance of the public. Google monitors, with questionable consent, its users and their actions. However, the public should not have to worry about the government watching it’s actions, digital or otherwise on a daily basis.

According to a post on the Google Public Policy blog, Dorothy Cho, senior policy analyst at Google notes, “one trend has become clear: Government surveillance is on the rise.” The amount of information people freely put out on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, grows by leaps and bounds daily. It’s part of the narcissistic culture we are a part of today.

The government is not surprisingly taking advantage of the freely offered data and sifting through it. This is not a problem or issue for most people. What is a problem is, as Cho reports, since launching the Transparency Report,  “government demands for user data have increased steadily”. In other words, the federal government has become more and more active in monitoring public activity, especially digital activity. It has also been actively requesting more and more information be removed from public consumption by deleting the information from search engines.

Some feel this is surveillance is necessary for the security. Those on the opposing side feel one gives up security at the cost of personal liberty and freedom. There is a very careful balance between the two which has to be walked by those with the power of both security and liberty. It is up to us, the people, who have the final say to bless or “curse” the decisions made by those we put in those positions of power.

Uncontrolled or unmonitored guardians of the national security will eventually succumb to the temptation of its power. The price of the public’s freedom from government tyranny is eternal vigilance. We must all do our part and speak up when we feel the balance between security and liberty has been crossed. From the report Google is keeping, it sounds like the line could have some toes on it.

Source – Google Public Policy Blog