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Half Baked: Chris Baker Leaving KSEV, Edd Hendee Coming Back

24 Jan

All I can say is it’s about time! Chris Baker is finally leaving Houston’s KSEV 700 AM radio station. I wrote a piece last year about how I was done listening to KSEV except for the morning show on occasion. Well it appears I was not the lone ranger in doing so.

I was tipped off to the idea Baker was leaving after I saw the piece about KSEV starting to get a lot of attention recently. Apparently people were searching for news about his departure. My initial thought was Baker did something to really upset the listeners of the station and people were, like me, just hoping he would leave.

My initial research didn’t turn up any news, until today. I came across a short, but definitely sweet, article noting the changes coming to the lineup of KSEV talkshow hosts. As my eyes ran over and my brain processed the words ” ” I couldn’t help but feel some satisfaction. Finally Baker and his arrogant, know it all, faux conservative attitude would be gone. It was like a belated Christmas present!

The line will turn out to have Edd Hendee in the mornings (great for the drive into work) and The Mack Show will move to the afternoons. Many people have missed Edd since he had to step down as a show host after the tragic death of his son. He did fill in work here and there and was, as far as I could tell, always welcomed back with open arms. I would imagine the news of his return again will be overwhelmingly positive. I hope it is not temporary though and he will remain on a more permanent basis.

As I have said before, I like Richard “Mack” Machowicz and his unique perspective on events. He brings a fresh set of eyes and a voice to the KSEV team. He did have an uphill battle against competing morning shows like Joe Pags (who is a great listen als0). While Mack has done a good job, there is always room to grow in a new field.

I would have enjoyed an Edd-Mack morning show immensely, a Dan-Mack afternoon show could very well work out better. Mack will get the chance to learn from a seasoned veteran in the talk radio industry. I have yet to see where learning from a mentor is a bad thing. I can see Mack growing quickly under Dan’s tutelage as.

So with some excitement and anticipation I give a and sincere thank you to Dan Patrick. While not everyone will like a host, I honestly believe the upcoming changes will improve the listener base at KSEV. I know it will win me back as a listener. Well played Mr. Patrick. Well played.


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I’m Done with KSEV in Houston Except the Morning Show

13 Nov

There was a time when Dan Patrick’s radio station, KSEV, was a leader in the conservative thinking and talk. After hearing the substitute host on the morning show today, Scott Braddock, I can say that time has passed for the majority of the hosts there. Sadly this poor excuse for a host kept calling himself a “journalist”. Funny thing is his bio page never mentions any formal degree of journalism. If he had, he would hopefully realize the garbage he was spewing was nothing close to it. He apparently has worked in various “media” outlets where it certainly appears his smug, arrogant attitude he put on display this morning was developed and honed. The “Praise” page tells is a clear indication Scott is not an adequate voice for conservatives at all but clearly a moderate and not someone the core audience at KSEV will tolerate.

To be fair to poor Scott, he is not the only debacle to fall upon KSEV lately. For some odd reason, Dan Patrick decided to hire the ever caustic Chris Baker. Chris was on another AM talk Houston station years ago. He was either fired or left on his own. He then went to the great conservative bastion of  Minneapolis, Minnesota. Eventually came back to Texas at KSEV where he claims to be a conservative, Tea Party member.

Looking back it seems this shift in hosting philosophy seemed to take place with the hiring of Pat Gray. I admit at first I liked Pat and his opinions when he was on with Edd Hendee in the mornings. Edd would keep Pat in check most of the time. Over time though, Pat began to get more defensive when a caller had a valid point and facts which did not line up with his. Edd unfortunately would back up Pat and they would double team a caller with ridicule then hang up on them. It was sad for shadowing of things to come in the  following years.

The latest addition to the KSEV family who is worth his salt is Richard “Mack” Machowicz. Mack is new to the talk radio field and perhaps that is why he is the best hire Mr. Patrick has had in a while. Mack’s military background, love for his country, conservative ideas and values are a perfect fit for KSEV. I enjoyed listening to his perspective and his actual discussions with callers who wanted to voice their opinion in a civil manner. I have called in and discussed topics with Mack and found his rapport refreshing.

Sadly to make room for Mack, Sam Malone was let go. Sam is much more informed, considerate and polite even with callers he disagrees with. Instead Baker, with his bad “comedy” style and poor attitude was kept on at KSEV. A better choice would have been to get rid of Chris Baker and move Sam to the afternoon slot.

I remember a time when Dan Patrick was a full time host (before his political career which has been over all a good thing) along with Edd Hendee (doing a the solo morning show) and others. The hosts on the station at one time hosts actually wanted to have a discussion with callers and treated them with respect, even if they did not agree with them. It was like an oasis in the harsher waters of talk radio.

I know I am not alone in feeling this way. In fact after the last election, I believe there are many people who are fed up and tired of some talk radio all together. But that is a subject for another article. I can only hope Mr. Patrick will come to his senses and get more people like Mack, Edd and Sam back into the programming hosting chair at KSEV. Until then I will be signing off as a listener after 9 am.

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