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Land Grab: George P. Bush eyes Land Commissioner Office

15 Nov

According to a Washington Post article [1], George P. Bush has his eyes set on the Land Commissioner Office of Texas.

“It’s now clear what office George P. Bush is exploring in Texas: land commissioner. In a letter courting support for his son, former Florida governor Jeb Bush (R) wrote: “The office that George is considering running for is Land Commissioner which overseas the mineral rights, commercial real estate owned and sovereign submerged lands of the State of Texas as well as veterans affairs and historic archives.” The younger Bush filed papers last week that indicated he was exploring a campaign, but until now, the position he was looking at remained a mystery. “

In Texas land rights are, as Joe Biden would put it, a big ****ing deal. They’re right up there with the right to bear arms and free speech. Previous speculation [2] put the younger Bush runing for a smaller, less public office to begin his political career. The Land Commissioner Office isn’t too bad of a start, thought it might be reaching just a bit. It’s not too high profile, so it just might be doable though.

One interesting tid bit regarding the Land Commissioner Office, the current Lieutenant Governor, David Dewhurst, held the office from 1999 to 2003 [3]. Could Bush be setting himself up for a Lt. Governor run later? It is definitely not out of the question and very plausible.

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