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To Boldly Go: Youth Trekking and Learning in Central America

21 Dec

Many youth in America today have an exploring and pioneering spirit which remains untapped. There aren’t many places where that spirit can be let loose and trained. Fortunately, I have found one of those places: Exploration Nation [1].

Team XN


Never heard of Exploration Nation? Here’s a quick background. Exploration Nation started out as Enzoology. It was a science program created by Pete Monfre and his son Enzo Monfre. The idea was all Enzo’s. His passion and love of science took a home school project and expanded it into a fun series of video enabled lesson plans for elementary and middle school. From there things took off to where now Enzo is part of a group of science and exploration loving kids learning and teaching other kids about the world around them.

What is Exploration Nation exactly? Described in their own words:

“Exploration Nation is a “plug-and-play” lesson program for elementary and middle school students that features engaging videos, complete lesson plans, activities and teacher’s materials aligned to standards. It’s easy to use, dovetails with curriculum requirements and saves time for busy educators. Our team of kid explorers travel the world doing real scientific research. We then create complete lesson programs based on these adventures.”

The desire to educate was passed on from Pete to Enzo and now Enzo is taking it a step further by passing it on to other kids. This passing of the torch is what is missing in our young people today.

Coming up in April of 2013 Exploration Nation is going on an expedition into Central America. The journey of the expedition team will:

“…travel to EARTH University in San Jose, Costa Rica to begin a 14 day series of scientific expeditions that will culminate in setting up a medical and surgical facility for the native people living in San Juan, Nicaragua. ”

Enzo gives Hillary daughter book

Enzo gives Hillary daughter book

This team of young explorers is going where few go, to do what few do and give back to people they have never met. All the while they will be learning and sharing the knowledge they gain with countless numbers of children. The goal for the team is quite simple:

“To show hundreds of thousands of kids that science education their path to raise the quality of life for all people.”

I highly encourage parents and teachers to take advantage of going along, via video, with this group of young explorers into areas they have likely never visited before. Ignite the minds of America’s youth to learn and go beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom by taking them on a virtual field trip across the globe. Click the link in the references section to get the full details of the expedition.

It’s people like Pete and Enzo Monfre who embody the spirit of this country. Doing something different, stepping out and exploring and sharing their experiences with those around them. My hat is off of them and their team. Keep the flame burning guys and gals.


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Mishandled: Principal in Trouble for Making Male Students Hold Hands

3 Dec
Students chose to alternate punishment of holding hands in public to in school suspension.

Students chose to alternate punishment of holding hands in public to in school suspension.

Public schools have their fair share of problems. Drugs, truancy and bad parents just to name a few. But when one principal tries to do something good and turn some kids around for their foolish mistake he gets reprimanded for a completely stupid reason.

Principal Tim Richard will be reprimanded because he tried something different to reach kids who were fighting. Public embarrassment is a great motivator to get people to stop or start doing things. Mr. Richard made two students who were fighting sit in chairs next to each other and hold hands. The students were given a choice of in school suspension or sitting together holding hands. They chose holding hands in front of other students.

Of course the spineless administrators had to make a statement saying they did not approve. Reports of the criticism range from emotional repercussions to offending gay students. To both of those I have three words: Get over it. Public embarrassment works.

This is not water-boarding or some type torture. This is embarrassment on a public scale. Does a punishment like this need to be monitored to make sure it doesn’t go overboard or get excessive? Absolutely. But that does not mean the punishment does not work. Even one of the students in the video admitted it worked, “CBS 5 News asked Crockett what he learned from the whole incident. ‘Don’t fight in school,’ he said.”

Now the know it all administration officials are showing and telling students all they, their parents or anyone has to do is complain even a little bit and those in authority will have their hands tied even more on useful punishments available to them. Administrations are the main problem with public schools today. Instead of supporting a principle who got a good result with no real “damage” to the students, the administrators are undercutting the efforts.

Parents support principal who let students hold hands as punishment

Parents support principal who let students hold hands as punishment

Even parents are in support of the principle. CBS 5 News reports they “found a sign in a front yard near the high school which reads, ‘Westwood neighborhood supports Principal Richard.'” Perhaps they school board should take notice, less they are voted out of a job next election.

Here’s a tip to school public school administrators nation wide, the degree you earned doesn’t mean you know it all. Try shutting up once and a while. You just might learn something.

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