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Wild Wild West: Allen West Concedes His Congressional Race

20 Nov

There is definitely something rotten in Florida, but it isn’t the uneaten seafood. For better or for worse Allen West has conceded his race to be re-elected to Florida’s 22nd congressional district. With the concession, Democrat Patrick Murphy will become the new representative in Congress next year. Though the Republicans will still hold a majority of the seats in the House of Representatives.

West was well known for telling people his thoughts with no sugar-coating. Many people appreciated this direct approach and many others did not. Even so, the integrity of the vote should be protected by everyone no matter where one falls on the political spectrum. West was right to seek the truth and do what he could in protecting voting integrity.

At some point though, one has to weigh out the cost of continuing to fight the current battle with stopping and regrouping for another. West, being a veteran of the United States Army, knows first hand about this concept and, even though he may not like it, had to apply it in this situation. He put his country and the betterment of the district he had represented above his personal feelings and ideals.

There will be vitriol from those on the left in some joyous celebration of West no longer being a member of Congress. That’s to be expected, sadly. However one should not expect Allen West to ride quietly off into the sunset. Do not be surprised if West starts working on a ground game now to win back either the 22nd district seat or another one in the midterm elections in 2014.

The vote count was close in the 22nd district this time. A glaring reflection of the divide the country is facing on a local and national level.