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19 Dec

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Friday Funnies

14 Dec

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The Cost of Being Right and wanting to Win Politically

11 Dec

It’s funny when the world around is viewed with eyes wide open. Partisan blinders removed. Biases checked and ears unplugged. When we turn off the voice in the echo chambers on all sides we can begin to comprehend what exactly is happening around is on all levels. Then we can take the first real steps to actually fixing the problems facing our lives.

Look at people on the political spectrum. Not just the politicians flapping their jaws on TV, radio or the internet. But the “everyday” people. There are those on both sides of the aisle who are “useful idiots” regurgitating the rhetoric put forth by the party (ie. team) they are fans of because they want to win. These same people don’t stop throwing insults or accusations long enough to really listen to what the other side is saying.

It the race to be right and to “win” this country has become so polarized neither side is really listening to each other. Yes there have been times one side has forced laws, rules, decisions on the other. Yes there is backlash due to those actions. But really isn’t that type of behavior what most people in their late 30’s and older were told not to do as children? I know I was.

I love playing a game and winning. I’m never a fan of losing. That doesn’t mean losing won’t happen. It also doesn’t mean winning is the best thing to happen either. Winning without empathy for those who lost is an empty, shallow victory which will produce negative results in the long run. The losing side will feel bitter, disgruntled and want to “avenge” the loss. There are very niche cases this could be useful, but for the most part, it’s worthless. Moving this nation forward and saving it from destruction is not a game and something we cannot afford to lose.

One of the best pieces of relationship advice I have ever received was when a boss once told me, “My wife is always right.” I looked at him with a very skeptical face before he continued. “And I’m always right.” Now I was really wonder if he was off his rocker. He pointed out both he and his wife were always right, in their eyes. The idea was for both of them to stop trying to prove their position was right and to listen to the other person. One or both of them just might find out the other person has a completely valid point to consider. Be it personal or professional, it’s great advice for everyone to hear and apply in their lives.

The people of the United States need to quit feeding the talking heads in the media, the self serving politicians and the power hungry opportunists. We should demand better, now. We the people must stand up, demand the grand standing stop and real work be done. That does not mean everyone will abandon the principles and values the their constituents voted them to represent. Quite the contrary. They should hold firm to those. However, they should also work to find common ground with whom they disagree. After all, they are both right, remember?

Both sides need to operate in the realm of truth and honesty. Quit twisting facts, figures and other words to suit an ideal. Playing political games has gotten us into the trouble we are facing now. Enough is enough. Truth seekers can always stand tall because their story will not be contradicted. It will not twist and shift in the winds of public opinion which change at the breath of freshly spun words. Instead they will be rocks upon which the country can rebuild itself to once again be a shining city on a hill.

To build the hill for the city it will take lots of different rocks working together to raise it up. Those rocks are we the people and the truth seekers whom we chose to lead us.  It’s not about always being right or about winning politically. It’s about saving this country from becoming something it was never founded to be: one sided.

Thank You to Our Blog and Twitter Followers

10 Dec

Clearly Wrong has been going for just over a month now. With no use of any third party content creation, blogging articles or follower generators people are reading and enjoying the information posted here. For those who have elected to follow Clearly Wrong on the blog and/or on Twitter we want to give a sincere thank you. Our goal is to continually bring informative and entertaining perspectives and information with traditional, non-modern journalistic integrity.

If there is a topic you would like to see Clearly Wrong cover or investigate, please drop us a line at tips@clearlywrong.com. We’re working on some new endeavors in 2013 and look forward to everyone joining us on the ride!

Friday Funnies

7 Dec


High Cotton: Texas A&M to Face University of Oklahoma in 2013 Cotton Bowl

3 Dec

Someone call Marty McFly and Doc Brown because Texas A&M is going back to the Cotton Bowl on January 4th, 2013, to face former Big 12 rival University of Oklahoma. The announcement came and the social media sites lit up with the news. While some wanted a more visible bowl for the Aggies after such an impressive year, the Cotton Bowl is nothing to hang their heads about.

This time around the Aggies have something they didn’t have the last time they were in the Cotton Bowl, a lot of momentum and a even more passionate fan base ready to root for them. While not the “power house” it has been in the recent past, OU is never a team to be taken lightly.  Both A&M and OU are sporting equal 10 – 2 records so it looks to be a good match-up.

“We hit a home run today,” Tommy Bain, Chairman of the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic said. “When our Team Selection Committee met for the first time a few weeks ago, we circled this matchup as the one we most wanted, and the cards fell in our favor today.”[1]

Indeed they certainly did Mr. Bain. In fact, the only way this Cotton Bowl could be better is if Texas A&M was playing its century old rival University of Texas. The last time A&M was in the Cotton Bowl in 2011 it was facing an SEC team, the LSU Tigers, as a member of the Big 12. This time around things are reversed and it will represent the SEC against a Big 12 team. Definitely interesting turn of events for the Aggies.

First year Texas A&M Head Football Coach Kevin Sumlin said:

“Our football team is excited to play another game against a storied program such as Oklahoma. We have been led all year by a great group of seniors and to be rewarded with a great experience like the Cotton Bowl is something they will cherish. Plenty of their family and friends will be able to watch them play as well and the hospitality is second to none.”

Tickets for the game are already sold out so unless one can come about them from family, friends or other means, it’s time to get ready for a Cotton Bowl game day party!

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Mishandled: Principal in Trouble for Making Male Students Hold Hands

3 Dec
Students chose to alternate punishment of holding hands in public to in school suspension.

Students chose to alternate punishment of holding hands in public to in school suspension.

Public schools have their fair share of problems. Drugs, truancy and bad parents just to name a few. But when one principal tries to do something good and turn some kids around for their foolish mistake he gets reprimanded for a completely stupid reason.

Principal Tim Richard will be reprimanded because he tried something different to reach kids who were fighting. Public embarrassment is a great motivator to get people to stop or start doing things. Mr. Richard made two students who were fighting sit in chairs next to each other and hold hands. The students were given a choice of in school suspension or sitting together holding hands. They chose holding hands in front of other students.

Of course the spineless administrators had to make a statement saying they did not approve. Reports of the criticism range from emotional repercussions to offending gay students. To both of those I have three words: Get over it. Public embarrassment works.

This is not water-boarding or some type torture. This is embarrassment on a public scale. Does a punishment like this need to be monitored to make sure it doesn’t go overboard or get excessive? Absolutely. But that does not mean the punishment does not work. Even one of the students in the video admitted it worked, “CBS 5 News asked Crockett what he learned from the whole incident. ‘Don’t fight in school,’ he said.”

Now the know it all administration officials are showing and telling students all they, their parents or anyone has to do is complain even a little bit and those in authority will have their hands tied even more on useful punishments available to them. Administrations are the main problem with public schools today. Instead of supporting a principle who got a good result with no real “damage” to the students, the administrators are undercutting the efforts.

Parents support principal who let students hold hands as punishment

Parents support principal who let students hold hands as punishment

Even parents are in support of the principle. CBS 5 News reports they “found a sign in a front yard near the high school which reads, ‘Westwood neighborhood supports Principal Richard.'” Perhaps they school board should take notice, less they are voted out of a job next election.

Here’s a tip to school public school administrators nation wide, the degree you earned doesn’t mean you know it all. Try shutting up once and a while. You just might learn something.

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