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High Cotton: Texas A&M to Face University of Oklahoma in 2013 Cotton Bowl

3 Dec

Someone call Marty McFly and Doc Brown because Texas A&M is going back to the Cotton Bowl on January 4th, 2013, to face former Big 12 rival University of Oklahoma. The announcement came and the social media sites lit up with the news. While some wanted a more visible bowl for the Aggies after such an impressive year, the Cotton Bowl is nothing to hang their heads about.

This time around the Aggies have something they didn’t have the last time they were in the Cotton Bowl, a lot of momentum and a even more passionate fan base ready to root for them. While not the “power house” it has been in the recent past, OU is never a team to be taken lightly.  Both A&M and OU are sporting equal 10 – 2 records so it looks to be a good match-up.

“We hit a home run today,” Tommy Bain, Chairman of the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic said. “When our Team Selection Committee met for the first time a few weeks ago, we circled this matchup as the one we most wanted, and the cards fell in our favor today.”[1]

Indeed they certainly did Mr. Bain. In fact, the only way this Cotton Bowl could be better is if Texas A&M was playing its century old rival University of Texas. The last time A&M was in the Cotton Bowl in 2011 it was facing an SEC team, the LSU Tigers, as a member of the Big 12. This time around things are reversed and it will represent the SEC against a Big 12 team. Definitely interesting turn of events for the Aggies.

First year Texas A&M Head Football Coach Kevin Sumlin said:

“Our football team is excited to play another game against a storied program such as Oklahoma. We have been led all year by a great group of seniors and to be rewarded with a great experience like the Cotton Bowl is something they will cherish. Plenty of their family and friends will be able to watch them play as well and the hospitality is second to none.”

Tickets for the game are already sold out so unless one can come about them from family, friends or other means, it’s time to get ready for a Cotton Bowl game day party!

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Cutting School: Hair Cut of Johnny “Football” Manziel Gets Student Sent Home

30 Nov
Photo Courtesy-

Photo Courtesy-

Hair styles are an expression of a person’s specific taste and style. There is a balance between that expression and education. One student’s expression was not appreciated by his school.

Rob Ferrel, a barber in San Antonio, Texas, published an ad for the haircut, which runs $100.

Christian Chavez, of Kerville, Texas, took Mr. Ferrel up on his offer and got the haircut. It appears neither he nor his parents knew the consequences though.

“I thought I would be fine. I was surprised. My mom came and got me. She didn’t like the fact they told me to go home.””

Chavez is a obviously fan of Manziel and the haircut. He even has apparent ties to the star college quarterback.

“I love the haircut. I’m a big fan of Johnny. My parents love it, too. They like Johnny. My older brother played with Johnny.”

Chavez apparently likes the haircut so much he is willing to spend some days out of school to keep it. He is not allowed to return to school until the face is shaved off.

Source –
Student Sent Home for Haircut Depicting Johnny Manziel – Rant Sports

Year One: Texas A&M Goes 10-2 First Year in SEC

27 Nov

What a year for Texas A&M football. Taking leave of the Big 12 little pond into the SEC big pond was seen by many sports commentators as a huge risk for the program. The football program at the University of Texas was seen as “power house” of the Big 12 and Texas A&M was almost always seen as second best. But here it was, going to play with the “big boys” of the SEC and forced, by UT’s choosing, to at least temporarily, end a 100+ year rivalry. What was A&M thinking, many talking heads on TV and radio asked.

Turns out A&M was thinking long term but most Aggie fans and alumni were conceding to an average, at best, first year in the SEC. Maybe, just maybe, they would get 6 wins and go to a “who cares” bowl. It wouldn’t be too bad of a start and a good foundation to build on the program for future generations.

A&M’s debut in the SEC has been much more than most could have dreamed. Going 10-2 in what is arguably the toughest conference in college football shell shocked fans and sports commentators each in a different way. The fans are eating it up and loving every minute of it. The commentators are feasting on a well baked humble pie.

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Johnny Be Good: Will Johnny “Football” Manziel Win the Heisman?

27 Nov

When Texas A&M football concluded it’s last year in the Big 12 it lost it’s coach and was moving into the shark infested waters of the SEC. There was also a void to fill in the quarterback position as Ryan Tannehill was drafted in the first round to the Miami Dolphins. Aggie fans were had a bitter sweet reaction. It was great to see an Aggie go in the first round but now what would the team do?

Turns out the fans should not have been so troubled. In fact, Ryan Tannehill, is probably watching with a huge grin on his face at his quarterback heir in Aggieland. The Aggies have made an amazing first year run in the SEC thanks in a big part to Johnny “Football” Manziel.

This amazing year for Manziel started not with the usually “pre-season” game against a non-conference, warm-up team. Instead Johnny “Football” was thrown into the deep end against the formidable Florida Gators. While not the threat they might have been a few short years ago, Florida is not a gimme win for anyone and never to be taken lightly.

It was on this stage people saw what was to come of Johnny Manziel and how he and his Texas Aggies almost pulled out the win. Many Aggie fans were proud at the showing their freshman quarterback gave and thought next year was going to be a pretty good year. Meanwhile Manziel and the Aggies of 2012 had different ideas. After the Florida game Manziel lead the Aggies to win 10 times and lose only once more to LSU (which was still hard fought).

The icing on the cake so far was the amazing win against number one Alabama on their home field. Now A&M is set to be in a very prominent bowl for the first time in a very long time. What more could Manziel ask? How about a Heisman trophy? The news and digital worlds are buzzing about the prospect of Johnny “Football”.

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Luck of the Irish: Notre Dame tops BCS polls.

19 Nov

It’s better to be lucky than good. And this year the fighting Irish of Notre Dame seem to have both.

A program which was not looked favorably by many people has made a miracle turn around and is not sitting high on the mountain top.

In fact they are the lone undefeated team in the BCS standings and lay claim to the #1 spot for the first time in over a decade.

A win in their final game against the University of Southern California will guarantee an appearance in the Discover BCS National Championship Game.

As someone who has never been a fan of the BCS, seeing an independent Notre Dame on top is somewhat gratifying.

ESPN is likely enjoying the publicity surrounding Notre Dame as it will help boost ratings from what could have marquee lacking game billing between Oregon and Kansas State.

This Fightin’ Texas Aggie will be rooting for the Irish over the Thanksgiving holiday to get their final win and play for a national championship.

Roll on: Texas A&M stuns Alabama, Commentators with Victory

12 Nov

There was a quiet dose of optimism among many Aggie fans I knew going into Saturday’s game against Alabama. One Longhorn fan made a comment to me on Friday about the upcoming game and my reply was simply, “Hey, on any given Saturday.” Of course he smiled and shook his head. I can’t say I blamed him. Going against the Goliath of Alabama was indeed a daunting task of any David football program.

All the rest up to that point had fallen by the wayside as Alabama was undefeated and sitting as the king of the hill of NCAA Division I college football. And the Texas A&M Aggies were the new kids on the block who were due for a loss by their experienced conference mates. Then there was the game.

Between watching it on TV and listening on the radio, with the whole family wearing their maroon and white gear for support, it unfolded. Part skill, part luck and part “do you believe in miracles,” the game was played and at the end, the Texas A&M Aggies surprised most people with the upset of the year.

Call it the perfect storm of a new coach and coaching staff (Kevin Sumlin), a new electric quater back (Johnny Manziel) and some returning “veteran” seniors (Ryan Swoope and Sean Porter). I can honestly say, even had Texas A&M lost the game, they have shown all the doubters they can not only play in the SEC but really compete. The victory over Alabama is the icing on the humble pie they just served the experts.

Now the Aggies must do something they haven’t had to do all season, not get over confident and cocky. There are two games left to play. Two games which should be wins. But let the game with Alabama be a lesson to them on not taking any game for granted. Because, as I told my Longhorn co-worker, on any given Saturday.