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Care Less: Supreme Court Tells Appeals Court to Hear Lawsuit on Health Care Law

26 Nov

The Supreme Court of the United States has told the Fourth Court Circuit of Appeals it must hear the case of Liberty University regarding the new health care law, aka Obamacare.

The Supreme Court ruled previously the law was constitutional in a 5-4 decision, with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts joining the other four liberal leaning judges on the ruling. The decision upheld the landmark legislation amid a divided public.  The bill was so large most legislators did not read it and the Speaker of the House at the time Nancy Pelosi remarked it must be passed to see what was in it. Something many people found ludicrous and insulting.

Now more and more  is coming to light about the bill and the mandatory supply of birth control is one of those issues now getting a spotlight on it. Many religious organizations are not pleased with the mandate and have filed lawsuits contesting its legality. According to the Politico article:

“Liberty University argues that the law’s employer coverage provisions — which will require businesses with more than 50 full-time workers to provide health insurance for their workers or face fines — are unconstitutional because Congress overstepped its power by setting those rules.

It also says the individual and employer mandates violate the Constitution’s right to a free exercise of religion. The employer mandate is unconstitutional because of the contraception coverage requirement, Liberty argues, claiming that the individual mandate would require individuals to pay for coverage of abortions.”

For the Supreme Court to even think about hearing the case, Liberty University must first get through the Fourth Court Circuit of Appeals, which is known to be quite liberal. If the court doesn’t throw the case out and rules against Liberty University, there is a chance the Supreme Court could hear the case. It seems the Affordable Care Act isn’t done being challenged in the courts just yet.

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