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Firm Grip: Gun “Control” Debate Needs Reframing.

18 Dec

The reactions on the events of December 14th started to get political almost immediately. Those wanting to create more restrictions via new laws and those wanting to expand gun rights took to the internet and airwaves to get their voices heard. The same general rhetoric was heard by both sides. Each getting responses from those stuck in the echo chamber of which belief system they fell under.

So far I’ve heard only one person start to really put things into perspective regarding the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school. What happened there is nothing less of heartbreaking. Parents sending their children off in the morning only to identify their lifeless bodies later is inconceivable to most people. Yet it is the reality of some of those parents. The talk has shifted to politicizing the tragedy. Rham Emanuel’s famous quote keeps ringing in my head:

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

What is being lost is the real perspective of this one event to public schools as a whole. We need to step back and ask ourselves this one question: How often are shootings like this happening in public schools kindergarten through high school? Some stats can be found on Wikipedia [1]. Once the colleges and universities are removed, the total number of school shootings total 77 since 1992. So in a 20 year span only 20 public grade school shootings have occurred, though none at the level of Sandy Hook. Of those 77, over half were at a high school with 50 incidents. There were 17 at middle schools and 10 at elementary schools. Until the tragedy at Sandy Hook, the largest number of injuries at an elementary school was the Amish school shooting in 2006 where 5 children were killed and the gunman killed himself.

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Dig Dug: Costas Digs Deeper Hole with “Apology”

5 Dec

Ever hear the saying, “Stop talking you’re just digging your hole deeper”? Maybe someone needs to relay it to Bob Costas. Apparently he is unaware of how bad the backlash is against his mini-rant against gun ownership rights. When a media personality makes a mistake as epic as Costas, causing many, many people calling for his resignation, it’s best to just keep quiet and wait for the next “big story” to come along. When it does, the mistake made will be bumped down the line and forgotten.

Instead Costas is trying, and failing, to do some kind of damage control and only digging his hole deeper. He was on the Dan Patrick show yesterday and made the following statement:

And for a long time, I’ve been wanting to get off my chest my disgust with this idea that every time something tragic happens, no matter what it may be, that in any way touches sports, there’s a chorus of people saying, ‘You know, this really puts it in perspective.’ Which is a bunch of nonsense, because if that was true, we wouldn’t have to have that perspective readjusted every time the next tragedy occurs. It’s a bunch of nonsense.

And what I was trying to say was, that if you want some perspective on this, there are a number of issues related to this that we could begin to talk about and think about. The problem was that I didn’t have enough time to get to many of them. And that, I think, was my mistake, to be quite honest, Dan. A friend of mine in broadcasting pointed this out to me yesterday, and I agree with him. He said, ‘You violated your own rule.’ Because we have had this discussion before. I’ve always said, if you’re going to get into touchy topics, nuanced topics, make sure that you have enough time to flesh them out, that you have enough time to make yourself fully understood, or save them for forums where you do. In this particular situation, the timeliness of it was, if you’re going to comment on it at all, it had to be this Sunday. Because this is when the Belcher situation had played itself out.

So, I’m thinking I can’t address all of the possible aspects of this. Domestic violence; the possibility of athletes, especially athletes who play a violent sport are more prone to domestic violence than people the same age elsewhere in society. The possible connection between football and this particular tragedy. We know that football is connected, and it’s effects are connected to other situations. We don’t know yet whether it’s connected to Belcher, but that’s certainly a question that could be asked. The easy availability of guns is another.

And so I saw what Jason Whitlock had written and a portion of what he wrote resonated with me and given the time that I had, I thought that was on aspect that I could put out there and maybe, maybe I gave the audience too much credit, but I said if you’re looking for perspective, a bit of it could be found. And my implication there — with every second counting, I had maybe 50 seconds total for this — my implication was a bit of perspective, here’s one aspect of it. I also put in parenthetically that in the days ahead, Belcher’s actions, and their possible connection to football, will be analyzed. That was meant to imply there are many aspects of this, I’m addressing one by quoting what Jason Whitlock said in his column.

So I think that my mistake there was that I left it open to too much interpretation.

Talk about missing the point. The point wasn’t addressing the issue or even having enough time. The issue is choice of venue. You want to talk about the issue of guns and gun violence? Go for it. But one better pick the right time and place to do it.

What I really love is the quick insult at all the people who didn’t agree with his point of view. He gave the audience too much credit? What exactly does that mean? Are they too stupid? Is his audience, which was mainly Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles fans, not educated on gun ownership or guns in general? Please Bob help your audience understand your incredibly high and in-depth level of analysis of the situation in your less than 60 second mini-rant.

Another tip for Mr. Costas, when trying to make a point, be sure the source cited doesn’t have a history of looking like a racist fool, like Jason Whitlock has done in the past. It only takes away from trying to strengthen your side of the argument. But since the in-depth research was done this was already done this was known when you went on air, right?

It’s time these left-leaning talking heads who want to pontificate about their personal opinions be held as accountable as those they criticize on the right for doing the same thing.

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Costas: “Mistake” To Give Anti-Gun Commentary During Football Game – Real Clear Politics

Friendly Skies: Animal Activist Group Drone Shot Down

21 Nov

Anyone who abuses animals need to have their head examined. Science shows those people have a tendency to go on and hurt or kill human beings.

That said, people who take “animal rights” to an extreme need to have their heads examined as well.

When those groups start make comments like this, it shows they have gone off the deep end:

“So they’re using a ring that’s up a hill and completely surrounded by trees. So the only way you can get to it is through the air.”

Attention SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) members, it’s private property and there is zero authority or right given to anyone besides law enforcement to spy on it from the air. By doing so you are delegitimizing any possible validation against the object of your campaign.

When one of the organizations drone (ie spy) planes is shot down it’s cause to celebrate. It is bad enough the government is trying to overstep its bounds and gather as much information on the public as possible in the name of “safety”. When private groups such as this do it and then cry about their equipment getting damaged we should feel zero sympathy.

Especially when there is zero cause for concern of those they are against violating the law. Yes “investigative journalism” has a place. But that is not near the same as a group with an agenda trying to make something out of nothing.

So here’s to SHARK and the recipient of the Well Played, Not award.

Source –
NBC Philidelphia

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The Gun Show: Woman Pulls Gun on Flasher, He Flees

16 Nov

A woman was in a public park with her 6 year old son when she was suddenly in the mist of a horrible situation. According to the vicitm of the sex crime, a man came up to her saying,”Miss, miss, could you watch this? You need to watch this.” He then sat down be side her and started to perform a lewd sex act.

Apparently the man did not get the reaction he was expecting because the woman pulled out her gun and told the pervert, “You need to leave or Ill shoot you. I’m going to blow your brains out.”

Even to the mentally messed up man he knew the show was over. His reaction says it all, “Oh, [expletive]!” as he dashed away.

During the whole episode the woman had her son “turn and face toward me. I stayed calm. I didn’t raise my voice.”

The attacker’s get away wasn’t entirely clean. The victim sent her dog, “a well-trained Norwegian Buhund Hound”, after him. The dog was able to track down the attacker and corner him for a moment until the woman called the dog back. At that point the man continued to flee.

Police have not found the attacker yet but are actively looking. He is described as “a white male in his early 20s with short dark-blond hair and wearing a gray hoody and dark blue jeans.”


Source –
The Daily News Online