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Called Out: AP Drops “Illegal Immigrant” From Style Guide

3 Apr

Journalism used to be about telling an unbiased, factually correct story. The information was gathered and put into a form the general public could consume without distorting information. Sadly those days are gone and the Associated Press (AP) has capitulated in the demise of true journalism. Quite ironic.

In the latest blow, the AP has decided to bow down to political correctness and become intellectually incorrect by removing the use of the term “illegal immigrant”. Why do so? Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll states the style book is trying to rid itself of labels[1]. Huh? Human beings naturally group, classify and label everything around us.

Ms. Carroll wrote on her blog:

“The Stylebook no longer sanctions the term ‘illegal immigrant’ or the use of ‘illegal’ to describe a person. Instead, it tells users that ‘illegal’ should describe only an action, such as living in or immigrating to a country illegally.”

Now those learning or currently practicing “journalism” will be seen in a negative way if they use technically correct term “illegal immigrant” as a descriptive term. The AP has long lost its credibility of being an unbiased, true journalistic entity. This current move clearly illustrates, yet again, their move to show their bias. Giving a weak excuse which anyone without cataracts can see through.

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Half Baked: Chris Baker Leaving KSEV, Edd Hendee Coming Back

24 Jan

All I can say is it’s about time! Chris Baker is finally leaving Houston’s KSEV 700 AM radio station. I wrote a piece last year about how I was done listening to KSEV except for the morning show on occasion. Well it appears I was not the lone ranger in doing so.

I was tipped off to the idea Baker was leaving after I saw the piece about KSEV starting to get a lot of attention recently. Apparently people were searching for news about his departure. My initial thought was Baker did something to really upset the listeners of the station and people were, like me, just hoping he would leave.

My initial research didn’t turn up any news, until today. I came across a short, but definitely sweet, article noting the changes coming to the lineup of KSEV talkshow hosts. As my eyes ran over and my brain processed the words ” ” I couldn’t help but feel some satisfaction. Finally Baker and his arrogant, know it all, faux conservative attitude would be gone. It was like a belated Christmas present!

The line will turn out to have Edd Hendee in the mornings (great for the drive into work) and The Mack Show will move to the afternoons. Many people have missed Edd since he had to step down as a show host after the tragic death of his son. He did fill in work here and there and was, as far as I could tell, always welcomed back with open arms. I would imagine the news of his return again will be overwhelmingly positive. I hope it is not temporary though and he will remain on a more permanent basis.

As I have said before, I like Richard “Mack” Machowicz and his unique perspective on events. He brings a fresh set of eyes and a voice to the KSEV team. He did have an uphill battle against competing morning shows like Joe Pags (who is a great listen als0). While Mack has done a good job, there is always room to grow in a new field.

I would have enjoyed an Edd-Mack morning show immensely, a Dan-Mack afternoon show could very well work out better. Mack will get the chance to learn from a seasoned veteran in the talk radio industry. I have yet to see where learning from a mentor is a bad thing. I can see Mack growing quickly under Dan’s tutelage as.

So with some excitement and anticipation I give a and sincere thank you to Dan Patrick. While not everyone will like a host, I honestly believe the upcoming changes will improve the listener base at KSEV. I know it will win me back as a listener. Well played Mr. Patrick. Well played.


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Will Costas Get on His Soap Box Again for NFL DUI Fatality?

9 Dec

By now many people have heard of the car accident of involving Jerry Brown Jr. and Josh Brent, which ended Brown’s life. It has been reported Brent was arrested on charges of intoxication manslaughter. His life will be over as a professional athlete if it is true he was drinking and driving.

However, after the last tragic event the NFL faced just over a week ago regarding Jovan Belcher and his muder and suicide using a fire arm, a question on many people’s mind is will Bob Costas lecture the public again? It wouldn’t seem too far of a stretch for Costas to come on again for another round of sportscaster parenting.

Look at all what he could wag his finger about:

  • Driving wrecklessly
  • Drinking alcohol or drinking alcohol in “excess”
  • Being out past midnight
  • And others I’m sure Costas could conjure up.

Maybe this time he would be smart and get more than a minute or two. Then he could get real in-depth and not have to give his audience too much credit. Yeah he said that was one of the reasons for the backlash last time.

Hopefully some real lessons can be learned from people with this. Don’t drink and drive, ever. If someone does they need to face some real punishment. Which brings up another lesson to be learned, the punishment for drinking and driving is too little. Especially when the innocent life of another person is taken.

So here’s some advice for Mr. Costas:

  • Don’t say a word
  • If you feel you must, don’t use a moron as a source to cite
  • Keep your remarks to ideas the vast majority could agree (like drinking and driving is bad)
  • But the best idea is to not say a word. See a pattern here Bob?

Tis the Season: The “War” Against Christmas in Full Swing, Again.

6 Dec

As if retailers having a “war” against Thanksgiving wasn’t enough for the public to endure this holiday season, the annual “war” on Christmas is in full swing. Sure the idea of not wanting people to be offended sounds fine, in theory, but the practice leaves much to be desired. In an effort to sanitize the world of select groups of people being offended, everyone gets offended. Ah the law of unintended consequences comes up yet again.

Let’s see what joy sanitizing the Christmas holiday is bring to people in the Offended States of America. There’s the good news of seniors in a retirement complex being told they cannot have a Christmas tree anymore in the common area.[1] Of course no one in the complex has objected to the tree. No the management company has decided the seniors who pay them to live there cannot have it any more. Why? Well it’s apparently a religious symbol. Wait, what? In case anyone doesn’t know, the Christmas tree is not a religious symbol. I sure haven’t seen Christmas trees mentioned in the Bible, Torah or Quran. Maybe I missed those verses though.

What’s next? Perhaps Santa Claus. Could forget the passage of scripture regarding his role in the Christmas story. It’s right there in….uh….hang on I’m sure someone will find it.

What could be more in line with bringing happiness to the faces of boys and girls than when Nativity scenes are being taken down due to threats of lawsuits[2] by a few or by such freedom loving organizations like the ACLU or Freedom from Religion Foundation. Can’t you hear the children’s shouts of excitement? These scenes, which were placed out for years, are now attacked because people feel offended by them, or so they say. Yet no one is forcing those people to believe nor look at the nativity scenes. And they certainly are a lot less offensive to the masses than a crucifix in a cup of urine.

Most non-belivers I have spoken with agree with most believers regarding this type of attacking of Christmas and Christmas symbols is overboard. All it ends up doing is increasing the divide between people who have different points of view. The United States is not a theocracy by any stretch, but it does, like it or not, have faith and religion coursing through the veins of it’s history and traditions. To try to sanitize and appease those who claim to be offended because of both does a disservice to this nation’s history and it’s future.

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Dig Dug: Costas Digs Deeper Hole with “Apology”

5 Dec

Ever hear the saying, “Stop talking you’re just digging your hole deeper”? Maybe someone needs to relay it to Bob Costas. Apparently he is unaware of how bad the backlash is against his mini-rant against gun ownership rights. When a media personality makes a mistake as epic as Costas, causing many, many people calling for his resignation, it’s best to just keep quiet and wait for the next “big story” to come along. When it does, the mistake made will be bumped down the line and forgotten.

Instead Costas is trying, and failing, to do some kind of damage control and only digging his hole deeper. He was on the Dan Patrick show yesterday and made the following statement:

And for a long time, I’ve been wanting to get off my chest my disgust with this idea that every time something tragic happens, no matter what it may be, that in any way touches sports, there’s a chorus of people saying, ‘You know, this really puts it in perspective.’ Which is a bunch of nonsense, because if that was true, we wouldn’t have to have that perspective readjusted every time the next tragedy occurs. It’s a bunch of nonsense.

And what I was trying to say was, that if you want some perspective on this, there are a number of issues related to this that we could begin to talk about and think about. The problem was that I didn’t have enough time to get to many of them. And that, I think, was my mistake, to be quite honest, Dan. A friend of mine in broadcasting pointed this out to me yesterday, and I agree with him. He said, ‘You violated your own rule.’ Because we have had this discussion before. I’ve always said, if you’re going to get into touchy topics, nuanced topics, make sure that you have enough time to flesh them out, that you have enough time to make yourself fully understood, or save them for forums where you do. In this particular situation, the timeliness of it was, if you’re going to comment on it at all, it had to be this Sunday. Because this is when the Belcher situation had played itself out.

So, I’m thinking I can’t address all of the possible aspects of this. Domestic violence; the possibility of athletes, especially athletes who play a violent sport are more prone to domestic violence than people the same age elsewhere in society. The possible connection between football and this particular tragedy. We know that football is connected, and it’s effects are connected to other situations. We don’t know yet whether it’s connected to Belcher, but that’s certainly a question that could be asked. The easy availability of guns is another.

And so I saw what Jason Whitlock had written and a portion of what he wrote resonated with me and given the time that I had, I thought that was on aspect that I could put out there and maybe, maybe I gave the audience too much credit, but I said if you’re looking for perspective, a bit of it could be found. And my implication there — with every second counting, I had maybe 50 seconds total for this — my implication was a bit of perspective, here’s one aspect of it. I also put in parenthetically that in the days ahead, Belcher’s actions, and their possible connection to football, will be analyzed. That was meant to imply there are many aspects of this, I’m addressing one by quoting what Jason Whitlock said in his column.

So I think that my mistake there was that I left it open to too much interpretation.

Talk about missing the point. The point wasn’t addressing the issue or even having enough time. The issue is choice of venue. You want to talk about the issue of guns and gun violence? Go for it. But one better pick the right time and place to do it.

What I really love is the quick insult at all the people who didn’t agree with his point of view. He gave the audience too much credit? What exactly does that mean? Are they too stupid? Is his audience, which was mainly Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles fans, not educated on gun ownership or guns in general? Please Bob help your audience understand your incredibly high and in-depth level of analysis of the situation in your less than 60 second mini-rant.

Another tip for Mr. Costas, when trying to make a point, be sure the source cited doesn’t have a history of looking like a racist fool, like Jason Whitlock has done in the past. It only takes away from trying to strengthen your side of the argument. But since the in-depth research was done this was already done this was known when you went on air, right?

It’s time these left-leaning talking heads who want to pontificate about their personal opinions be held as accountable as those they criticize on the right for doing the same thing.

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Costas: “Mistake” To Give Anti-Gun Commentary During Football Game – Real Clear Politics

Year One: Texas A&M Goes 10-2 First Year in SEC

27 Nov

What a year for Texas A&M football. Taking leave of the Big 12 little pond into the SEC big pond was seen by many sports commentators as a huge risk for the program. The football program at the University of Texas was seen as “power house” of the Big 12 and Texas A&M was almost always seen as second best. But here it was, going to play with the “big boys” of the SEC and forced, by UT’s choosing, to at least temporarily, end a 100+ year rivalry. What was A&M thinking, many talking heads on TV and radio asked.

Turns out A&M was thinking long term but most Aggie fans and alumni were conceding to an average, at best, first year in the SEC. Maybe, just maybe, they would get 6 wins and go to a “who cares” bowl. It wouldn’t be too bad of a start and a good foundation to build on the program for future generations.

A&M’s debut in the SEC has been much more than most could have dreamed. Going 10-2 in what is arguably the toughest conference in college football shell shocked fans and sports commentators each in a different way. The fans are eating it up and loving every minute of it. The commentators are feasting on a well baked humble pie.

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Dead Air: Laura Ingraham Stepping Away from the Mic

27 Nov

When the most listened to woman on the radio, according to Talkers magazine, steps away from the mic people take notice. According to an AP report, talk radio host Laura Ingraham will be signing off from her show, at least temporarily.

Her contract with Talk Radio Network is up and she is apparently shopping her show around. Other distributors could very well be interested in picking up her show which comes with an estimated over 3 million listeners built-in. Couple those numbers with four more years of Barack Obama as president and her core audience isn’t going anywhere. Quite the contrary it has a potential grow quite well and add more stations to her current 325 nationally.

In the meantime, Ingraham will still keep fans up to date on her thoughts and opinions through Twitter, her website and appearances on Fox News. It’s unlikely the time away from the mic will be long with so many listeners waiting and advertisers wanting to spend money to get in front of them.


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