Oh the Huge Manatee: Target Catches Unnecessary Grief for Color Label

5 Apr

Ah the PC police are at it again. Seems someone on planet earth was yet again offended by what another person did. Shocking isn’t it? Apparently Target, the step above Walmart retailer, had a plus sized dress for sale with the color description of “Manatee Grey”.

While on the surface this could appear to be a cheap shot at fat/overweight women and it seems someone got their feelings hurt by his knee-jerk reaction. The offendee? Susan Clemens (aka Twitter user @suZen). She found the discrepancy between the color label of the plus size version of the dress and the “regular” size version, which uses the color label “Dark Heather Grey”.

Feeling such pain caused by this, obvious to her, attack on fat/overweight women she posted on her twitter account the following tweet:

Unfortunately for Ms. Clemens, she failed to do any research before showing her “outrage” to the world. Had she taken the time to do a search on Target’s website for Manatee Grey, she would have come across the fact of the color label being used on a variety of products. From pillows, to towels to “regular” sized men’s shirts.

Target told Forbes the different sizes of the dress were assigned to different manufacturers which is why there was a difference in color descriptions. That certainly has some logic behind it and makes sense. Ever see two exact same colors of something called two different names from different manufacturers? Pretty much everyone has.

It is crystal clear to anyone with some common sense there was no malicious intent meant towards any group of people with the color label used in the product description. If one really wants to be offended, the description, “Dark Heather Grey” could be taken as offensive to women with the name Heather. Is Target saying all women with the name Heather are evil? Or maybe they are all just depressed? Shame on Target for such insensitivity! Funny enough, the “Friar Plum” color did not offended Ms. Clemens.

So what happened to the dress in question? Well thanks to having her feelings hurt and whining about it on Twitter, Target went into CYA mode as to not offended the huge portion of the population who was paying attention to this overblown incident. They issued an apology to Ms. Clemens and said the problem would be corrected ASAP.

What that meant was the dress was taken off the website for an unspecified amount of time. So even if someone on the Internet saw the dress previously, thanks to Ms. Clemens digital whining, it was gone from the site until this horrible color label could be changed.  It’s like the whiny kid in elementary school tattling on another kid for something so trivial and gets the whole class punished. Way to go Susan!Fortunately the dress appears to be back up on the site at the time of this article.

When can we get back to being a people not so easily offended at every little thing that is done. The world doesn’t evolve around every single person’s specific ideals or personal biases. If someone is offended by this color label used by Target, perhaps they need to take a deeper look at why they are really offended.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s a window into something they don’t like about themselves and should work to change. Oh wait, that would take time, effort and motivation. That’s too hard. It’s much easier to just be offended and whine. At least that’s how society in America seems to work these days.

This whole incident just screams for this meme:


Source –
Target Labels Plus-Sized Dress ‘Manatee Grey’ While Calling Smaller Sizes ‘Heather Grey’ – Business Insider


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