Super Nova: Movie Star Jackie Chan Accuses US of Being the Most Corrupt Nation

14 Jan

Has anyone ever changed their mind on an issue based on what a movie star, music artist or other celebrity has said? If so I highly doubt those people did any research into the topic of discussion. Most people listen to celebrities speak on a subject and have their beliefs reinforced for or against the issue. What I never understand is why someone who makes their money of the general public speaks about a controversial topic only to alienate a large percentage of those who pay their paycheck.

Yet day in and day out the media is more than willing find the latest “star” who wants to tell the world what he or she thinks on a topic. The latest to get his turn is Jackie Chan. I have enjoyed his movies for years and years. From the Rush Hour series to his work prior to doing US based movies, Chan has made some good, enjoyable movies. However, going forward I will now think twice before paying to see any new movies or buying any movies on DVD/Blu-ray.

During article at the Washington Post [1], Jackie Chan gave his view of corruption of China, the United States and the world. He made a valid point of the corruption in all nations. Mr. Chan could have stopped there, had many people agree with him and actually gained supporters. His point would have been accepted and people supported the idea of ending as much government corruption as possible.

No nation is 100% free from corruption. From a federal to a local level some corruption exists in governments world wide. Unfortuately, like most people when they are on a roll, they don’t know when to stop.  Chan pushed his luck and attacked the United States specifically when he said it was “the most corrupt in the world”. Really Jackie? The US is the most corrupt? I think Mr. Chan needs to get out a bit more. Perhaps a trip to the Middle East or some Central American countries would open his eyes to some real nasty corruption of the government. I doubt he would make the journeys though.

Chan did acknoledge there was corruption in China. At least he’s honest about it being there though he is fooling himself to the degree which it exists. Ironically, he is opposed to revealing the corruption in his own country to the rest of the world. During the interview Chan stated the following:

“We know our country has many problems. We [can] talk about it when the door is closed. To outsiders, [we should say] “our country is the best.”

So honesty apparently is not the best policy according to Jackie Chan. I understand someone wanting to support their “home” country. It’s a somewhat natural instinct for a person to defend what they hold dear. But to do so and be dishonest to people about how bad things are is flat out wrong. Admitting how bad things are is one way to help bring about changing those things.

But perhaps Mr. Chan knows this and the change he wants isn’t what he would get if he were honest about the corruption in China. According to the article in the Washington Post, he has been critical of the more democratic governments of Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has noted those governments give the people there  “too much freedom.” It seems Jackie likes to have government run the lives people when he sees fit. According an article at the [2] Chan stated:

“People scold China’s leaders, or anything else they like, and protest against everything. The authorities should stipulate what issues people can protest over and on what issues it is not allowed.”

Ah yes, nothing like some government sanctioned protests to really get things changed huh Jackie? Perhaps he would like to give back all the money he has made from the movie industry here in the United States back, return fully to China and let the Chinese government tell him what movies he can and cannot make. I’m pretty certain he would object to THAT much government control of his life. But then again, hypocrisy is nothing new to celebrities. In fact it’s almost as rampant as misinformed rantings or cheating spouses. But Jackie would never cheat on his spouse. Oops. Spoke too soon.


References –

  1. The anti-Americanism of Jackie Chan – The Washington Post
  2. Hong Kong has ‘become a city of protest’ and America is the ‘most corrupt in the world’ – shanghaiist

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