Killing Fields: Planned Parenthood 2011-2012 Annual Report

9 Jan

Social issues tend to be some of the most decisive issues discussed among people. It seems there is an infinite number of opinions regarding them. Chief among those issues today is the topic of abortion. The topic of ending the life of a human being almost always gets emotions charged on both sides of the debate. And no organization is in the spotlight on the issue more than Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood recently released its annual report for 2011-2012. In it are numerous areas where those who are against abortion in some form or fashion, could be critical of the organization. From the perceived gloating regarding “winning” against the Komen Foundation to its support of the Affordable Care Act (ie Obamacare), the report is ripe to be picked apart.

It should come as no surprise to the feelings of those who oppose abortion are going run the range from somewhat upset to furious regarding the numbers on abortion in the report. According to the report, 333,964 abortions were performed by the organization in 2011. Many outlets are doing some math and have figured out this number breaks down to one life ended every 94 seconds.

What isn’t getting much focus, if any, is the staggering number of abortions compared to the miniscule number of adoption referrals. The report cites only 2300 adoption referrals occurred for the whole year. Doing the math and breaking it down to the same time frame as the abortions, it works out to 0.0000739 a second. Not even remotely close to one a second.

According to the report, abortion services accounts for only 3% of the services utilized at Planned Parenthood. Other services, which adoption falls under along with three other services, received only 1% usage. For every one adoption referral there are 145 abortions. Why the glaring difference? In a word, money. Planned Parenthood stands to make more of a profit from an abortion procedure than an adoption referral.

In the end, the organization is ending the lives of the unborn in the name of the all mighty dollar. Gives a new meaning to the phrase “evil rich” doesn’t it?


Source –
Planned Parenthood Annual Report – issuu


2 Responses to “Killing Fields: Planned Parenthood 2011-2012 Annual Report”

  1. Feit Can Write January 9, 2013 at 4:37 pm #

    You are right that money is a key component here. However, I don’t think pursuit of profit by PP is the driving force.

    Adoption is expensive. The average agency-assisted placement of a newborn in the U.S. is well over $20,000, which limits the pool of prospective parents. Many states do not allow birth moms to receive living expenses or other stipends from the agency or adoptive family, so some potential birth moms may feel like they cannot afford to bring a baby to term – even if it going to be placed for adoption.

    Let’s not forget that many adoption providers (especially those that are faith based) do not allow adoptions to single parents, gay/lesbian couples, or sometimes to “traditional” families who have been divorced.

    Frankly, if legislative bodies at the state and federal level put as much time and energy (backed by the massive Pro Life lobby) into making adoption more affordable and accessible, as they spend on trying to ban/limit abortion, we would all be better off – and the number of abortions being performed would likely drop.

    • Chris January 9, 2013 at 4:59 pm #

      I do agree the adoption process here in the US is in desperate need of reform. The horrible process is one reason US families look to other countries to adopt children. Though I respectfully disagree PP profit not a driver for the number of abortions.

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