It’s a Racket: Caroline Wozniacki’s Impresson was NOT Racist.

11 Dec

I’m honestly sick and tired of almost every little thing done in jest to someone having the “racist” label applied or insinuated. Ms. Wozniacki’s impression of Serena Williams is the latest incident incorrectly drawing the “racist” label. Not funny? Sure. Can’t say I even chuckled or cracked a smile. Racist? Hardly.

The race-baiters have already started by saying it was “racist” because of Serena’s body shape as a black woman. Wait, what? Serena could have any color of skin and have her same shape. And guess what, I’m willing to bet Ms. Wozniacki would have still done the same “impression” of her. But because Serena is black her non-racially specific features cannot be part of a joke? Really?

Calling this racism is a slap in the face to those who have been through real racism. Let’s see what’s racist getting doused with water from a firehouse because of a person’s skin color or being poked fun at because someone’s non-racial physical attribute? That’s a tough call for some people apparently.

Anyone who is foolish enough to call this “impression” racism needs to be called out for what they are: a real racist. See if all a person can see in this case is racism, I would argue those people are the real racists and more than likely their past actions would back up the theory. Maybe those same people are unaware there are women of every shape and size in every race on planet earth. Being big or small knows no racial boundary. Neither does being stupid or ignorant.

Save the derogatory labels of racism for when they really apply. Other wise it dilutes the accusation and crime to a point where people shrug it off as another chicken little incident. Real racism is nothing to be taken lightly and the vast majority of people with common sense would agree it should be stopped.

Source –
Caroline Wozniacki spoofs Serena Williams — was it racist? – Digital Journal


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