Trail Blazers: Houston Texans Clinch Playoff Birth

2 Dec

The Houston Texans beat their bitter rival the Tennessee Titans 24-10. Not only is the victory sweet over the former Houston Oilers team, but the win brings Houston their second visit to the playoffs in team history. With their record currently of 11-1 (the only loss to the Green Bay Packers) the Texans share the best record in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons (as they have most of the year). If the Texans can maintain a winning record the rest of the way, they will have the best over all record for any Houston football franchise.

Last year the Texas made the playoffs but had to rely on third string backup quarterback T.J. Yates for their playoff run. While Yates did a remarkable job getting the Texans into the playoffs and winning the first playoff game in franchise history, there are much higher hopes and expectations this year.

Matt Schaub has stayed healthy after a season ending injury last year. Now with the main players the Texans need to move the ball still healthy on the offense, eyes are on the defense. Wade Phillips has proven a miracle worker with a “worst to first” defense turn around since his arrival. With key players like Brooks Reed and Johnathan Joseph out for now, it is once again time for the Texans to follow the “next man up” rally cry they had last year.

There is no doubt he Texans as a team have the heart and they have the desire. Those will be put to the test as the rest of the season is no cake walk. Up next are the New England Patriots, who have also clinched a playoff birth. Only a fool would take them close to lightly, especially on the Patriots’ home turf. Then on December 16th they face the Indianapolis Colts at home, who are in second at 8-4 behind the Texans.  Right before Christmas the Minnesota Vikings come to Houston and the season is wrapped up in an away game against the Colts.

One does not simply walk into the playoff, much less the Super Bowl. The Texans aren’t taking things lightly but so far this season they have been taking care of business and getting the W’s, which is all that matters in the end. Well played Texans. Well played.

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