Pop a Top: popSLATE Creates iPhone 5 Case with Second Screen on Back

30 Nov

While not an iPhone users, I can say having an extra screen on my phone would come in very handy. A screen which uses very, very little battery would be amazing. For iPhone users, say hello to popSLATE.

This ingenious little device is as combination of a protective case with an e-ink second screen on the back. How does it all work?

“The popSLATE case includes the latest, ruggedized, E-Ink screen, so it protects your iPhone just like any ‘dumb’ case. In fact the screen is nearly indestructible.

The screen only uses power when the image changes so it sips negligible power from the phone. We use the lightning connector for both power and data exchange.  For shortcut navigation, we’re also integrating a tactile interface based upon the phone’s accelerometer. Double tap the back of your phone to cycle through images or accept Pops from your friends.

Then there’s popSLATE app on the iPhone side.  You can take pictures with the camera, browse the image gallery, manage your library, connect with other users, send/receive images and messages, and Pop what you want, when you want it.”

Currently the screen is only in black and white, but the company is looking at new color screen technologies and will hopefully have the option in 2014.

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