Johnny Be Good: Will Johnny “Football” Manziel Win the Heisman?

27 Nov

When Texas A&M football concluded it’s last year in the Big 12 it lost it’s coach and was moving into the shark infested waters of the SEC. There was also a void to fill in the quarterback position as Ryan Tannehill was drafted in the first round to the Miami Dolphins. Aggie fans were had a bitter sweet reaction. It was great to see an Aggie go in the first round but now what would the team do?

Turns out the fans should not have been so troubled. In fact, Ryan Tannehill, is probably watching with a huge grin on his face at his quarterback heir in Aggieland. The Aggies have made an amazing first year run in the SEC thanks in a big part to Johnny “Football” Manziel.

This amazing year for Manziel started not with the usually “pre-season” game against a non-conference, warm-up team. Instead Johnny “Football” was thrown into the deep end against the formidable Florida Gators. While not the threat they might have been a few short years ago, Florida is not a gimme win for anyone and never to be taken lightly.

It was on this stage people saw what was to come of Johnny Manziel and how he and his Texas Aggies almost pulled out the win. Many Aggie fans were proud at the showing their freshman quarterback gave and thought next year was going to be a pretty good year. Meanwhile Manziel and the Aggies of 2012 had different ideas. After the Florida game Manziel lead the Aggies to win 10 times and lose only once more to LSU (which was still hard fought).

The icing on the cake so far was the amazing win against number one Alabama on their home field. Now A&M is set to be in a very prominent bowl for the first time in a very long time. What more could Manziel ask? How about a Heisman trophy? The news and digital worlds are buzzing about the prospect of Johnny “Football”.

The Heisman trophy is given to “most outstanding player in collegiate football.” There are definitely many players who have been an outstanding player for their team this year. Take no credit away from those guys or their teams. They earned being on the list. But so far as I can see, and yes being an Aggie fan I do have a bias here, Johnny Manziel, has to be the most outstanding player this year bar none.

Not only has he broken school and conference records, he has lead his team to a 10-2 record in it’s first year in the SEC when mediocre at best was the expectation. He has been a weekly point of conversation in almost every college football discussion on local and national TV and radio shows. Manziel has lived under the pressure of being in the spotlight for the majority of the season and answering the call.

Have Manziel and the Aggies been perfect? No. They have two losses, but those alone should not count against Manziel for the Heisman. Is Manziel a freshman with learning and growing to do? Yes. He has made some freshman mistakes at times, but again those alone should not count against him. No the glaring fact Johnny “Football” Manziel has spent all season unintentionally earning the label “most outstanding player in collegiate football.” proves he deserves the recognition.

I have no vote for whom gets the Heisman Trophy so I cannot affect the outcome directly. And I think it is a good thing for the general public not to have a vote. Honestly I don’t think sports writers should have a vote either. The talking heads for any newspaper, radio station or TV program should not ever have a vote. Instead let the past Heisman winners alone vote. Let the players be judged by a jury of their peers who have earned the right to choose the next recipient. And please not I am saying this in the midst of Johnny “Football” mania and the wave of public opinion of him winning the Heisman. And it will not be used as an excuse if Manziel does not win this year.

If he does not win now, I fully expect him to win at least once the remainder of his college football career. The only thing stopping Johnny Manziel from winning more than once is himself. And I don’t see that happening right now.


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