Dead Air: Laura Ingraham Stepping Away from the Mic

27 Nov

When the most listened to woman on the radio, according to Talkers magazine, steps away from the mic people take notice. According to an AP report, talk radio host Laura Ingraham will be signing off from her show, at least temporarily.

Her contract with Talk Radio Network is up and she is apparently shopping her show around. Other distributors could very well be interested in picking up her show which comes with an estimated over 3 million listeners built-in. Couple those numbers with four more years of Barack Obama as president and her core audience isn’t going anywhere. Quite the contrary it has a potential grow quite well and add more stations to her current 325 nationally.

In the meantime, Ingraham will still keep fans up to date on her thoughts and opinions through Twitter, her website and appearances on Fox News. It’s unlikely the time away from the mic will be long with so many listeners waiting and advertisers wanting to spend money to get in front of them.


Source –

Radio’s Laura Ingraham off the air – AP


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