A Day to Truly Give Thanks

22 Nov

Forget for a moment the commercialism that has started and will only ramp up until the new year. Put aside the stress and anxiety of finding the “perfect” gift for family and friends.

Instead, really stop, take a deep breath and make a minimum list of four things to be thankful for today. It really isn’t hard. For example, for everyone who can read this article thanks can be given for the following:

  • Your alive
  • Your eye sight works
  • The Internet was created and exists
  • Freedom of speech

It only takes a moment to make a short list like this but the impact can be felt all day. Doing this exercise every day, before the tasks of life start coming in, gets the mind, will and emotions prepared. They are exercised like a muscle; trained to focus, with pin point accuracy, on overcoming adversity.

So look deep inside today, right now, and count the blessings all around.

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving today.


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