Friendly Skies: Animal Activist Group Drone Shot Down

21 Nov

Anyone who abuses animals need to have their head examined. Science shows those people have a tendency to go on and hurt or kill human beings.

That said, people who take “animal rights” to an extreme need to have their heads examined as well.

When those groups start make comments like this, it shows they have gone off the deep end:

“So they’re using a ring that’s up a hill and completely surrounded by trees. So the only way you can get to it is through the air.”

Attention SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) members, it’s private property and there is zero authority or right given to anyone besides law enforcement to spy on it from the air. By doing so you are delegitimizing any possible validation against the object of your campaign.

When one of the organizations drone (ie spy) planes is shot down it’s cause to celebrate. It is bad enough the government is trying to overstep its bounds and gather as much information on the public as possible in the name of “safety”. When private groups such as this do it and then cry about their equipment getting damaged we should feel zero sympathy.

Especially when there is zero cause for concern of those they are against violating the law. Yes “investigative journalism” has a place. But that is not near the same as a group with an agenda trying to make something out of nothing.

So here’s to SHARK and the recipient of the Well Played, Not award.

Source –
NBC Philidelphia

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