Oh Wheely: Family Sues US Airways, others for Son’s Death

16 Nov

It’s America which means when someone dies it’s time for a lawsuit.

Apparently this young man decided to run away from home in 2010, which could be a sign of trouble there which should be investigated.

Once out of the house, he proceeds to sneak into the airport, on to the tarmac and thru the wheel well of an airplane.

Now the family of the young man is suing because “negligence by the city, the airport and the airline caused the teen to fall from a Boeing 737 to his death.”

Was he pushed out of the wheel well? Was he forcefully put into the wheel well of the plane by an airport worker or airline employee?

Highly doubtful.

A security review, preformed at the airport by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, found the “airport police force was inadequate to properly monitor the airport.”.  Changes recommended in the report have been made by the airport.

Review or not, the actions of the young man sound those a determined person wanting to leave a situation.

What is really appalling is the family feels they are entitled to someone else’s money because of the illegal actions of their son.

Had this teen not been killed, he would very likely have seen some time of jail or prison time for his violations of federal law.

If no merit is found for the suit, hopefully the judge will dismiss the case with prejudice.

Source –

Fox News


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