Solo Act: Texas Petitions for Secession

13 Nov

The idea has been talked about for years but this is a new twist on Texas secession, a petition to the White House on the website [1]. While a novel and romantic idea, I don’t think people who signed the petition honestly understand everything involved in such an large endeavor.

Elections have consequences it has been said, even by me, and this continued deep divide of the country is one of them. There were those on the left who said they would leave the country of George W. Bush was elected [2]. Of course they all put the spin cycle on high and stayed, except for that one guy.

What would it take for a state to leave the United States of America? A revolution. Not a peaceful one either but a violet, bloody revolution. There is much talk about a global economy and how intertwined the countries of all the nations are and no one is an economic island anymore. The same could be said on a smaller scale for the United States and each state. No state is an island anymore.

The economies of each are so intertwined with each other, breaking out would cause a major economic upheaval. Questions about currency, legal contracts numerous other areas which affect the economy would have to be answered quickly. The law just doesn’t move at that speed.

Speaking of law, there’s another area which would have to be revamped in short order. How would Texas setup the new government? One could assume it would look similar to the current one. The devil is in the details though. Sure a temporary government and legal system could be setup, but how many times have we all seen “temporary” things become permanent due to other issues getting moved ahead in priority.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of Texas seceding, alone. More than likely if one state left, there would be more than one more leaving as well. It would be like a domino effect. While the idea of more than just Texas going it alone sounds good at first, there are even more complications which would arise. Will the other states form a new government with Texas? If so, how will it be setup? Will it use the US Constitution as the framework or something else? How will the new government get ratified and approved? What happens until then?

Very daunting questions which would have to once again be quickly answered. So is a state or states leaving the United States just a pipe dream? Yes and no. Yes because it’s no where near as easy as many people screaming for secession think it would be. No, because if the desire is there by the masses and they have the will, desire and feel they would rather have liberty or death, it can be done. It was done once before over 200 years ago by men and women who left English monarchy to form a more perfect union.

We currently have a good framework in the Constitution through which to work and change our government. It can get corrupt and it is up to we the people to be ever vigilant to guard it and our freedom. If the government fails we must all share the blame. If the government gets too powerful for the process to work we must choose what to do next.

Jefferson once said, “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing,” and this was regarding violent rebellion. We must all remember no nation will last forever. Everyone has fallen or at the very least changed into something different than how it started out. One day the United States of America very well may not exist, at lest how it exists now. What comes after is for us to decide now and determine how to get there.

Source –

  1. Peacefully grant the State of Texas to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government
  2. Salon: I Take it Back

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