Know When to Hold’em: Reports Eric Holder to Stay as Attorney General

13 Nov

The New York Post is reporting Eric Holder is planning to stay on as Attorney General. This is very interesting, and bad, news for those who value the law and it’s enforcement. Holder has been one of the most controversial attorney general’s in recent history. So far his handling of Fast and Furious has been mired in controversy. President Obama has come in to defend him and went so far as sealing records regarding the murdered U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

“President Obama is holding on to Eric Holder as the nation’s top law-enforcement official, The Post has learned.

The newly re-elected president asked his controversial attorney general to stay for the second term, and Holder has agreed despite enduring a firestorm of criticism from Republican lawmakers.

“I don’t know if everyone in the White House wants him [Holder] to stay, but the important guy does, and that’s all that matters,” said one person briefed on the matter. “

Now Obama is apparently wanting to keep Holder as his “top cop”. Could this be for protection or perhaps to keep Holder under his thumb and not spill the proverbial beans. Speculation will ensue for days, weeks and months to come. This decision by newly re-elected President Obama is without a doubt, clearly the wrong one to bridge the gap of a divided nation.


Source – New York Post


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