Book’em Danno: Network Affiliate Runs Photoshopped Petraeus Book Cover

13 Nov

Editorial checking has taken a back seat to getting the latest scoop in those who practice journalism. This trend started decades ago and contines through to today. This is a great example of the lack of the downfall of fact checking.

How could anyone miss this? Just look at the book title. Jokes have been and will be made about the book title and the controversy surrounding it. But that does not excuse this level of incompetence. One of two things happened.

  1. The editor for this segment some how completely missed this.
  2. The editor saw it and let it go for what ever reason.

Stuff like this, no matter how funny, gives an already beat up media another black eye. These incidents do not bring a sense of honor to the craft of journalism. Quite the opposite.

I have to admit, reading the Photoshopped image did get a chuckle out of me.

Source – The Weekly Standard


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