Roll on: Texas A&M stuns Alabama, Commentators with Victory

12 Nov

There was a quiet dose of optimism among many Aggie fans I knew going into Saturday’s game against Alabama. One Longhorn fan made a comment to me on Friday about the upcoming game and my reply was simply, “Hey, on any given Saturday.” Of course he smiled and shook his head. I can’t say I blamed him. Going against the Goliath of Alabama was indeed a daunting task of any David football program.

All the rest up to that point had fallen by the wayside as Alabama was undefeated and sitting as the king of the hill of NCAA Division I college football. And the Texas A&M Aggies were the new kids on the block who were due for a loss by their experienced conference mates. Then there was the game.

Between watching it on TV and listening on the radio, with the whole family wearing their maroon and white gear for support, it unfolded. Part skill, part luck and part “do you believe in miracles,” the game was played and at the end, the Texas A&M Aggies surprised most people with the upset of the year.

Call it the perfect storm of a new coach and coaching staff (Kevin Sumlin), a new electric quater back (Johnny Manziel) and some returning “veteran” seniors (Ryan Swoope and Sean Porter). I can honestly say, even had Texas A&M lost the game, they have shown all the doubters they can not only play in the SEC but really compete. The victory over Alabama is the icing on the humble pie they just served the experts.

Now the Aggies must do something they haven’t had to do all season, not get over confident and cocky. There are two games left to play. Two games which should be wins. But let the game with Alabama be a lesson to them on not taking any game for granted. Because, as I told my Longhorn co-worker, on any given Saturday.


One Response to “Roll on: Texas A&M stuns Alabama, Commentators with Victory”

  1. Sean Breslin November 12, 2012 at 9:08 am #

    It seemed like there was an awful lot of Bama favoritism in that game…too bad they were disappointed by the outcome.

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