Brain Dead: Zombie Response Driver Charged with DUI

12 Nov

Truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

It was nearly dusk when a Geo Tracker was driven into the soft shoulder going around a bend on Goodwin Road near the Kittery town line. Police said the driver, McKeed J. Mason, 32, of Eliot, lost control and rolled the vehicle onto the driver’s side.

Mason’s vehicle was adorned with a number of zombie-related decals, including several hazardous waste symbols, a sticker with the words “Zombie Response Team” surrounded by a pair of guns, and a decal on the driver’s door that reads “Zombie Outbreak Response Team.”

And of course a weapon and ammunition were found inside the vehicle. No laws were violated in that regard, thankfully. One does have to ask though, if this is the mental state of the Zombie Response Team, will humanity really be able to survive??

Short maintained there is no need for public alarm.

“No, we have not had any reports of zombies in the area,” he said.

Oh well no reports of zombies so we should all be safe. Unless the zombies somehow removed all traces of them being there!

Source – seacoastonline


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