App Recomendations

9 Nov

Apps are the bread and butter of the smartphone world. With out them, they’re pretty much just a more expensive feature phone. When someone gets a smart phone for the first time they go “app” crazy. Downloading this app and that app just because they can. It’s fun and new. Once the “app” euphoria subsides, the unused ones are generally deleted, leaving people with the most used on their phone. I was no different.

What I have on my phone are the most useful apps for me. Honestly I don’t have any games on my phone. I’m somewhat utilitarian on how I use it. What I do have an use I highly recommend. And so I thought this would be a great platform to continue my recommendation of apps. Starting next week I will being a series on smart phone apps I recommend. I want to preface I am not an iPhone user, and more than likely will never be. I am a happy Android user and am not even on the latest version of the operating system.

I also have a tablet but do not use it quite as much as my phone. And yes, I do have a game or two on it. Solitaire anyone?

I hope the series is a useful and helpful one. I look forward to the feedback and opinions!


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