And so it begins.

8 Nov

After the re-election of Barack Obama how will the country move forward? With true bi-partisan ship? Or more attempted force feeding from one party and firewalling by the other? Maybe something in the middle? No matter which direction it goes, the end result will felt by we the people.

So what do people of this country, who were raised and believe in work, honor, integrity, faith and old (I would say traditional but the tradition has changed) American values to do? Give in? Give up? Keep fighting? Adjust and adapt? I honestly can’t tell anyone the path they should take. It is for each and every person to look inside their heart, soul and mind to figure out.

What I can do is tell everyone what I am doing. I am preparing for multiple scenarios. In the short term, my family will stay where we are and continue to do what we have been doing, with some adjustments to how and where we spend our money. In the long term, I am keeping my options open. If things get worse, I have no qualms about leaving this country.

How could you some might ask. The answer is, because the country I grew up in and loved would have died and no longer exist. I will fight the good fight until it becomes apparent it’s a losing battle. At that point I will put my family first. That is my job as a husband and father. Case closed.

If things get better, we will stay and help to improve things on the local, state and federal level. We will continue to grow and thrive where we have been for decades. I would much rather this be the scenario than having to leave.

So are the thoughts and decisions of everyone in this country. Moving forward. It’s what we all must do. The only question is the direction each of us will take. And that choice is what will determine if the United States of America will be a shining city on a hill or a broken used light bulb in the trash heap. We the people will decide.


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